Arizona Motorcycle Rides and Events are now available at website along with Regional Rides and Events. Also if you are heading across Phoenix area, you might want to check the Phoenix Traffic Cams, and if you are riding around the state, be sure and check the Arizona Weather Radar.
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Arizona Motorcycle Girl: Model and Friend: Mindy Ketchum The motorcycle manufacturers and bike dealers provide us our motorcycles with a dazzling array of quality bikes to satisfy the desires of the customer. Brands like Harley Davidson, BMW, Suzuki and others, have created a mystique with ownership of their motorcycles. For some motorcyclists, it is the latest Harley Davidson cruiser like a Road King, or leaned toward performance and style like the Dyna's. For others, it can be the current high tech, raw performance, and sexy looks like the Hayabusa.

We relish the wind in our face, bugs on our gear, the image and performance of the latest model bike we call our own. We love the open road, scenery, and camaraderie of like minded biker's on our rides. For us, our motorcycles is an object of lasting beauty and excitement, which we hold dear to our hearts. Give biker's the slightest excuse to ride and we will do so at the drop of a dime, ready for the adventure that lies ahead. Be advised. Motorcycle riding is addictive.
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Arizona Motorcycle Girl: Model and Friend: Amy Maker Levesque is an established motorcycle website in Arizona, and is popular in most southwestern states. Leer Digital Design, a Web Development Company in Chandler Arizona, has made this site fun with informative motorcycle links, motorcycle rides and events in Arizona.

I'm an avid motorcycle rider with many decades of riding experience, owning a Harley Road King and a Hayabusa. The pictures are over on the right. Some of My Ride Time's rides in & around Arizona are here. Ride safe everyone.
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Jerome Arizona - Panoramic View Click Here